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Bridge to Tomorrow concert Last Friday, I had the opportunity to perform together with Kaoru san, Fumi san, and the duo from Wadaiko Unit Koh! The two halves of the show was very different, but I was happy to see that everyone was enjoying every second of it. In fact, I think I was enjoying the performance the most. lol. Especially because I was performing with the two that I've been learning prior to moving to Sado, and also with a sempai that I have been looking up to ever since my career with Kodo. This performance made me realize that creative taiko work is not just a Japanese culture anymore. In fact, people exploring taiko music outside of Japan, probably has a more modest and sincere view on taiko, than us who sees taiko in Japan almost every day in our lives. I have a lot else in mind, but will keep this experience close to my heart as I practice harder. Nonetheless, it was such a fun and rich experience! Thank you everyone who came to watch our concert in the freezing weather. I traveled to Osaka soon after the concert for another performance.... To be talked about later!

先週の金曜日の話ですが、無事Kaoru Watanabeさん、fumiさん、ユニット光のお二人との演奏を終えました。 一部二部とで全く毛色の違う内容でしたが、皆様に喜んでもらえたようです。 というか、自分が一番楽しんでたような気がします(笑) 佐渡に渡る前に教わっていたお二人と、佐渡に渡ってから憧れ続けていた方との共演ですからね〜。

改めて感じましたが、「創作太鼓」は既に日本だけの文化ではないですね♪ むしろ日本で太鼓に触れている人より、海の向こうで触れている方々のが真摯に謙虚に学び続けているような気がします。 色々感じた事はありますが、心に秘めて精進します。 とりあえず、めっちゃ楽しかったです!! 本当に素敵な音質を感じさせて頂きました〜。



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